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Had-a-snail ok w/ plants?

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I want to clean my tank from snails.
So, I moved all the fish into a smaller tank.
Currently, the 29g community tank has no fish, only plants.
I want to put had-a-snail (a copper solution that kills snails, 1 drop per gallon), but on the label says "care should be taken with live plants & catfish."

1) Was wondering if anyone has had experience with using had-a-snail & live plants? Assuming I leave the plants in the tank, should I decrease the dose to 20-25 drops for a 29g tank?

2) Can I leave a couple of catfish in the tank, while I use the had-a-snail solution? They're pretty hardy fish, but I'd hate myself if they were to get sick or die from the copper solution. Anyone with prior experiences?

Thanks in advance for your help.

ps: since the tank is empty & I'm going away for the weekend, I don't want to use cucumber or lettuce baits for the snails.

ps2: I really don't know where to put this thread, so admins & mods feel free to move this thread to a suitable room if necessary.
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Ergh .. all of the posts on your thread basically said that had-a-snail is no use.
I really don't like snails .. yea they clean the tank, but too many of them just looks ugly & they munch on my plants.

I'll just empty the tank from all the plants (& move them to another tank) & use some of that had-a-snail just because I already bought it.
I'll wait & see for about 4 days, do a 20-30% water change (is this enough?) afterwards & then move my fish in.
Does that sound good? Any other suggestion?
If I recall, Had A Snail has a copper base.

Copper is a nasty little metal - it sticks to everything and is very tough to rinse out completely.

So! What this means for you is that copper-sensitive plants and shrimps won't like your tank very well if you dose anything with a copper base (even with a good rinsing it could still be a problem).
Ya it's copper-based.
That means that I would have to change water like crazy afterwards ..
I just added had-a-snail 5 mins ago.
It sticks to everything - equipment, substrate, glass surfaces, etc.

I'm not convinced that water changes are sufficient, but I sure hope so seeing as you've already bitten the bullet!
Had-a-Snail = Had-a-Shrimp

Pretty potent poison.

To me, snails are the squirrels of the aquarium world. You look out the wind, you see squirrels. You look in the aquarium, you see squirrels. You'll never rid the world of squirrels and you'll never rid the aquarium of snails. :hihi:

Ya you're right .. it's just natural to have snails I suppose.
In the future, I'm soaking all my plants in potassium permanganate.
I just don't want to end up tearing my tanks apart because of snails.
You could always "borrow" a clown loach from a lfs or friend to cut down the snails. I made the mistake of using had-a-snail before I found this forum. Sadly it shocked most of the plants and fish and I did lose a couple fish because if it.
Once I found this forum I ended up tearing the whole tank down and replacing the substrate with SS from another member. Good luck with your tank.
It's too late since I've already added had-a-snail.
But already did about 35-40% water change & now the tank is still empty.
I'll wait for a few days (until the water has been cycled through the filter) before putting the fish back in.
In the future, I know better to soak all my plants in potassium permanganate.
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