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H2O2 curing BBA

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So, I have a black beard algae infestation. It's all over my anubias plants and my rocks. It started around the time that I changed my lighting to LED's and also around the same time I dosed my tank with Leaf Zone, so idk if that threw off the water chemistry. Anyway, I recently read about getting rid of BBA with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). The good thing is that since I downsized to a smaller tank recently, I haven't planted my plants yet. I read about spot treating the areas that have the algae. BUT since I haven't planted my plants yet, I thought I could mix the ratio of H2O2 and water and dip them... So I did that but I left the plants in the bucket with the water and hydrogen peroxide for a couple of hours. some of the algae was able to be rubbed off slightly after that (it wouldn't budge before that), but they all still have a lot on them. Then I put the plants back in my main tank. Anyway, my question is, could I have kept the plants in the water/h2o2 mixture(?) for longer than a couple of hours? I read online about terrestrial plants benefiting from hydrogen peroxide, but mostly it talked about spraying them. I don't know how that compares to aquatic plants being submerged in the stuff for maybe days- until I really see the stuff dying.
1. is the H2O2 method a good method?
2. Can I leave all of those plants in a bucket with water and hydrogen peroxide for an extended period of time (maybe days at a time)?

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Thanks. I will increase the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water and try it again.
The rocks that were covered with it I put outside about 2 weeks ago when we had sub-zero temps, but the algae just started turning white within the past few days. This stuff is resilient.
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