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Í have used 6% solution with success myself. I have not done any underwater treatments or well i tried it one time and it went to hell, had to do 2 x 80% water changes after that luckily only one tetra perished.
Had issued it a couple of times against BBA and spot algea on anubias (only plants I get algea on) and usually use it when doing water changes and when the plants are exposed. But please do be careful you can damage the plants. The larger anubias species can take it for around 20s and then need to be sprayed with water from my own experience. Have tried it on smaller anubias species but they did not take a 10s treatmeant very well and some serious leaf damage followed. Tried it on other species as well but seemed to do more harm than good. Might be better doing it submersed be do be careful with the amount and with nearby fish and shrimp etc.

If you can remove infected hardscape just douse it and leave it for a minute or so. Algae should be turning pink/white/red in a day or two afterwards.
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