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H2O conditions & H2O changes

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I've kept & bred fish for some 55 yrs. & usually kept up with regular water changes. Never had discus & wanted to try them. One aspect I didn't care for was the massive & frequent water changes discus keepers make. I purchased 15 3" discus from Hans & placed them in a 150g tank. In talking with Hans he thought 2 35gal. water changes per week would be ok. They change water every day to the tune of 3500 gal. Anyway that's what I'm doing & they are doing fine. Why not change water according to what the conditions are concerning nitrites, nitrates, ammonia etc? If these all read 0; why change water?
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Many species of fish produce other things that we have no tests for, such as pheromones that can get in the water and cause problems for the fish.
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