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Hi All,

Can anyone take a look at these pictures of my Hygro Corymbosa compact and let me know if this growth appears normal, or potentially the result of some sort of tank imbalance? Growth is bright green, but leaves are wavy on the edges and somewhat twisted. Older growth dose not really deteriorate, and the plant appears healthy besides the twisted leaves. The tank is about 6 weeks old, and I'm currently dealing with a diatom outbreak which is hitting the glass and slower growing plants pretty hard, so brown spots are mostly just diatoms. Most other growth in the tank appears healthy, besides some melting ludwigia, s.repens randomly losing leaves/melting, and monte carlo taking the brunt of the diatoms.

Tank parameters:
- ~45g
- pH 7.1 degassed, 5.8 during CO2
- 3dGH from tap, raised to 5dGH with GH booster during weekly 50% WC
- ADA Amazonia substrate
- Lighting is 2x AI Primes at ~60% for 5 hours (60W total)
- Dosing 10mL Thrive after water change, 6mL 2 more times later in the week to maintain 5-10 ppm nitrate and ~0.5-1.5 ppm PO4.

Thanks for any help!


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