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Guppy or Planted Shrimp Tank?

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Researching for my planted 25 gallon tank. I love the shrimp and all the pretty colors they come in but I also always loved the fancy guppies. :( I also love the elephant nose but one elephant nose, a 25 gallon would really be too small? Help me decide, I have a long time to plan and change my mind. LOL But can't really get a bigger tank b/c of space and weight.

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I think your stocking choices depend in part on your local water (pH, etc.), your lighting and the types of plants you like, etc. More info would be helpful. :)
You could always just have a few nice male guppies so they won't overpopulate... I don't think they're dangerous to adult shrimp, since they have small mouths.
Stick with an all male Guppy tank to keep the population down. My guppies have attacked baby snails and have left large ghost shrimp alone. Not sure what they'll do to baby neos.

After my guppies "unexpectedly" bred, I moved the fry and females to another tank and kept the 3 fancy males in a planted 20h. It's now going to be home to maybe 10 fancy guppies.
Not sure about what type of water. We have a new well. Thats one of the things I need to check on while I save and plan. Most of the time when we run the water its brown b/c the well has not settled yet.
I may just stick with the Celestial Pearl Danios.
I have rasboras and guppies in a 17g tank with hundreds of cherry shrimp, they live in harmony. Even the baby guppies are swimming with the big boys.
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