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LOL I guess the name says it all. I know some here will hate me for this tank but I figured I'd share my journey anyway.

I started a Fluval Spec 3 for my desk at work about a year ago (swapped everything from an existing 2.5 gal on my desk) and moved my Betta to it. Once the cycle was complete I wanted to go with RCS and the Betta....WELLLL that didn't work out so well for the RCS. Eventually the old Betta died so I had an empty tank with nothing. Here comes Guppies....I'm not sure what I was thinking honestly.

I purchased 3 males and 3 females and lost the 1st male immediately just decided to not go back to the store and deal with it. Well, it has been almost 9 months with 2 males and 3 females and I have an EXPLOSION of babies..of all sizes. It's never ending with these females and I didn't realize it was going to be like this when I started.

I know I know - TOO MANY FISH IN A SMALL TANK - I KNOW! And honestly I've been lazy in the maintenance and just keep topping off the water in the tank.

Well - that has bit me in the bottom as I've lost 1 female and 1 male in the last two weeks. So now I'm going to be doing twice weekly water changes (hoping to not suck up any babies) and I will be bringing my test kit to work to make sure the water parameters are ok.

I really don't know how they've even gotten this far in this size tank or how they've lasted so long. I've already rehomed 6 of the first batch of babies to my large 29gal community tank at home.

No one wants to take these babies off my hands!!! My LFS will take them but they have to be 1" before they do and they are taking forever to get that big. At this rate I'll be stuck with them for a long time.

Here is a pic
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