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Guppies Won't Impregnate Themselves?

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I have a trio of albino red lace snakeskin delta guppies. I got them in last February and they've been well for 3 weeks.

The females don't seem to be getting bigger. I've been feeding them twice a day (once in the morning, one in the evening) and keeping up with water changes. No signs of stress at all.

The male is really really really really sexual. There hasn't been a single time I've tried watching the tank without seeing him try to tie the shoelace, if you know what I mean... Nevertheless, the females aren't getting fatter. They were very plump when I got them, like full-stomach-of-munchies plump. They still are like that.

Do the females look like they're able to ice the cupcake, if you're picking up what I'm putting down?

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A lot of things can be happening.
1.) Quality of food
2.) Man could be sterile. (My original batch of guppies didn't breed, then I found the perfect guppy and after that it was over)
3.) Water conditions.... Just check it again, this time at the bottom.

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Very nice looking gups, Guppyx5.
Albino/all white of anything is tricky to breed, and very hard in guppies.
(you can not breed a lot of blue eyed white or true albino mammals to each other-it causes deafness, I'm not that experienced with albino fish, except cory cats.)

The breeder may have sent you virgin females, not "pre-hit", so they just might be late bloomers. Or, the male may be sterile, which is not uncommon in this type of gup.
They appear very healthy, and with baker and shoelace tying abilities, but you can't tell if something is sterile or not by looks and actions.

I'd give them another month, then contact the breeder or someone with the same type for another male or a pre-hit female. Maybe yours have been in-bred too frequently, and some new blood is needed. It has to come to that at some point, and you may have reached that point with these gups.

My Cherry Vanilla is borderline albino, paler than your guys, but with light blue/white eyes. I thought she was sterile, she outgrew her sisters like a great white whale. I kept her with her similar brother, and she just recently started dropping fry. A lite load compared to her sisters, but healthy and all CV. A few Cherry Vanillas have been pulled from her sisters, too. This is my first experience with albino types, and I'm curious. Keep me posted with your results.

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One of the females is looking bigger, not only bulging downwards but outwards a bit too. Her gravid spot turned from that light orange to a more reddish color, so she probably canned the yams and is now pushing the shopping cart if you know what I mean. ;) ;)

I'm not too worried about them eating their fry, I think this strain is an herbivore strain. No matter how hard I try, they refuse blood worms. They often swim around the tank picking at plants, and they only eat the pellets and fish flakes I feed them.
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