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Guess where my son went fishing???

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Well this morning my mother-n-law bought my son one of those toy fishing poles. You know the ones that come with it's own fish. Well i was just on the phone talking for about five minutes and walked into the kitchen and saw him sitting in the chair with the glass lid flipped open and his hook in the tank fishing.

I asked him what he thought he was doing and he said without a smile " FISHING" :icon_lol:

This made me both mad and proud at the same time. The site of him "fishing" was so funny i could not stop laughing.

My son is for years old and i think it's about time to take him fishing or i going to have to buy more fish. lol

Now that i think about it i should have taken a pic. That would have been one for the scrap book. :D
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Did he catch any? LOL
yea man...don't leave us they hitting today??

I glad to say that they were not biting today. It's a win fro both of of he got some fishing and and i kept all my fish.

A tip that i was not about to give was that he needed a smaller hook. lol He must have been fishing for bait fish with only tetras and Red tailed rasboras in there.:D
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