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Guess I should Introduce myself!

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Hi everyone! My name is Ellie, you can call me that if you want. Im pretty new to the aquarium hobby. I have one 15g (57 Liter) tank with 1 betta, 2 zebra nerite snails, and 1 FEMALE (Im using her for breeding) mystery snail. Will be getting another mystery once this bioload is handled.

I have planted my tank, but Im not happy with it yet. Lets just say, Jungle val and pygmy chainsword are my favorite plants. My java moss smells funky for some reason, so Im going to wash it well. Its just a blob floating in the tank. And my dwarf sag, well its struggling.

Anyway, Im corny and I named my fish/snails :biggrin:

The betta is Phoenix, here he is-

Yep, a tail biter.

The mystery snail was Coach, but now shes Coachette :p

And then my two zebra nerites, Wiggles and Squiggles (Left to right)

I plan on staying a long time, and look forward to this journey with you all :)
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Hey! Welcome to PT! I'm super new here to but not new to the hobby...How are you breeding your mystery snail? I had a few for a year and they never made little ones...I wonder...How are you fertilizing with that substrate you have?
If you have a male and a female they should lay eggs, but they reproduce sexually. They also need some space to get out of the water to lay eggs.

And, I fertilize with osmocote+ and have easy plants
Nice critters you got there.
I especially love Coachette's photo.
hehehehe-those eyes :)

Hi Ellie. Welcome to the forum. Great looking pictures.
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