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GSA on glass - removal question

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Well i guess i let "something" get out of whack a little over the past months and have more than usual GSA on my glass.
In the past i used a scrubber but the stuff is really really hard to scrub off - and the back and forth motion (pushing the water around) makes a mess in the tank.
How well do SS blade (razor blade) scrapers work they sell at bigals or drsfostersmith ? None of the local LFS carry any so i thought i'd ask before i order online and then find out they aren't worth it.
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most major drug stores sell Exfoliating Sponges.
I find these work great at scrubbing off GDA
with minimal mess. you can rinse and reuse.

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I've always just used a razor blade and went at it by hand. I bought a scraper once that took a lot longer to work with so, I personally don't recommend them unless you really hate getting your hands/arms wet.
So just a plain old razor blade would work ?
I've used an old credit card for the past couple years and it works fine. I picked up the idea from someone on these boards, I think. It works like a charm and best of all ... it's free! (well, you know what I mean)
I've had gsa really bad before and this has always taken it off in a couple swipes. Do yourself a favor and try this just once to see what I mean.
The old credit card is a good idea because, unlike razor blades, they don't scratch the glass.
The pet store sells these scrapers with a metal tip.. It's not sharp so it doesn't scratch.. I was scratching my glass with the razor.
It works very well and a bit easier than a credit card
Best use for a credit card IMO/IME.

Also: kent's pro scraper, the plastic tip works well and will never scratch anything.

More CO2, consistent dosing and sprinkling PO4 on it helps to kill it.

Tom Barr
Don't have a credit card? Sample fake credit cards work great. So do other cards such as drivers licenses and library cards. Make sure that the cards you use have a plastic coating of some sort if they contain paper, you don't want to damage your cards!
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