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Grr fixed a problem, created another , cover

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Oh finally got tired of looking at brown hinges on my versa-top..
Even cut into sections it was still bothersome.
Soo finally pried $20 out of the wallet and bought a more logical hinge.
Came today and it fit good. Hinge part is thicker (so stiffer) and it was a "b" to put on.
Maybe because it was old glass and a bit scaley though I cleaned and scrapped best I could.
Also used a hair dryer to soften it. Still was stiff (all around it was thicker plastic but dimensions were tolerable. Had to cut some off (came in even 36" length). Orig hinge is 35.
Btw. all dimensions I list are close approx so YMMV.

Anyways pic of before and after:

Now the really awful bad and ugly part.
So I was doing all the work on our porch which has a carpeted floor.
Went to plug in the blow dryer and accidentally kneeled on one of the panels which of course shattered.

So now between the hinge and the est. glass replacement cost it's like buying a new top..
Anyone have 1/2 of a 40 versatop..
I really dislike glass to be honest..

Anyways the hunt is on.. <a href="" border="0" alt="" title="Wink" >:)</a>

Oh and stepped on one of the old hinges breaking it.. and cut my finger trying to put the 2 uesable pieces on the new hinge..
Think I'll just go to bed..
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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