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Growing white area an moss

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Hello, So i have scoured far and wide to no avail! I am trying to figure out what this area is on my moss. I'm not sure what type of moss it is as i don't remember. This area started a couple weeks ago and has slowly expanded to about the size of a half dollar coin. I have tried to suction remove it and it doesn't phase it. i scraped a little and even that did nothing. I have more of this moss in another location in the tank and it it has not been affected.

STOCKING: I have 1 bristlenose pleco (female), 4 golden wonder Killifish (2 male 2 female), two hitchhiker snails, 8-10 Tetras ( glo-light, neon, black) 4 sharpeas, 2 similar sized but silver with black and yellow striped fish (don't remember the name), aprx 8 ghost shrimp, 4-6 japanese algae eater shrimp), 6 ish guppies (males and females), 1 angel fish (young), 1 zebra danio, 1 sunburst platy, 2 kuhli loaches, and a partridge in a pear tree.

TANK: I have a 75 gallon heavily planted high tech tank. I use an aquaticlife EDGE 48" high intensity full color spectrum LED light strip with programmed slow on and offset for each of three different light rails
I custom built the filtration system with 1" PVC, from the tank water enters a Nu-Clear canister filter containing bio, mechanical, and prefilter.
to 756 GPH external pump
to co2 reactor chamber with pressure gauge and secondary flow control valve
to co2 diffuser chamber with sponge type mesh to diffuse the co2
then to inline heater
then to return line and out a custom made return head. actually heads. dual return heads.
on internal UV sterilizer that does not run constantly. it's only there to assist of a problem arises. then i would turn it on.
then back to a custom made intake arm.

PARAMETERS: I do weekly 30 gallon water changes using RO DI water with a TDS of 0.
I use Seachem Acid and Alkaline buffer and Equilibrium to adjust the water to PH 7.0, KH 6, GH 6
I use the correct math and equations to dose for the exact parameters based on the exact volume of water being used. I have done this for a long time and ben extremely happy with my results. it allows me 100% control over my aquarium.
I then dose accordingly either 1-3 x weekly, iron, phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, trace, excel, and i think that's it but there might be one or two more. I don't remember lol.
I use co2 and have an in tank drop checker to help me adjust the flow properly.

I have 4 pieces of driftwood that over the course of a week can still just barely through the side of the tank see leached out tanis, though it hasn't been visible through the front pane for a few weeks.

I just about 2 months ago redid the whole (almost whole) scape due to my hatred for the existing substrate. long story and not really relevant.

i did attach a picture of it.

I think that's about it!

so again the problem i'm having is this one white spot on one area on one of my moss covered rocks. btw they are attached to a lava rock via fishing line. all of them are. this is just one spot.

I need help identifying what it is, or what it could possibly be. lastly a repeat, it has been growing. across the surface, not up or out or anything.

Thank you!


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