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Growing Cryptocoryne hudoroi; general tips, experiences?

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Information about Cryptocoryne hudoroi seems to be very limited, and I can't seem to find a whole lot on growing it submerged. I really love the bullate leaves of this plant, and the other similar, highly bullate species C. bullata and C. keei are not readily available, unfortunately. It appears a soil with some added calcium or limestone is suitable for emersed culture. Like this species doesn't like super acidic substrate? The only "concrete" information about natural distribution is Borneo, and "limestone streams." But I don't know if I can trust the veracity of this information, since I cannot seem to dig up anything more. I also saw some info indicating that it tolerates/grows in a range of pH. This plant appears fairly easy to grow, given favorable conditions. But that's all, really.

I am planning a biotope-ish tank for some Brevibora dorsiocellata and intend to use just one or two submerged plants, and naturally wanted to go for crypts. This means clear, but fairly dark water, with a pH probably somewhere between 5 and 7. I will be aiming for slightly acidic, though I won't chase numbers. My tap water is quite hard, and substrate I haven't quite decided on. Just something with some nutrients capped by sand. My experience with crypts is very limited, as I've grown many other things except for plants of this genus.

Could I potentially grow this plant in a blackwater tank if I include some calcium carbonate in the substrate to help buffer pH? Or would it just wither away? General input on how this plant is to grow?