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Group order of live Blackworms in Ft Collins?

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I was just wondering if any of you who's in Fort Collins, would like to place a group order of live Blackworms from Aquaticfoods?
A pound is $39.99 and the quantity is a LOT. I ordered it a few weeks back and my fishes just LOVED it.
The only problem is, they go only for 2 weeks. After that, they start to get thin and then they don't have any nutritional value.
Yes, you will have to rinse them everyday with cold water and they need to be in the fridge.
They come with the "next day shipping", heatpacks/coldpacks and all.
6-8 people can share a pound depending on the fish you have.

I am just thinking about it. If there would be enough people, we can do this.
Let me know.

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There is a lady that raises and sells black worms in North/west Denver. I have asked her to sign on and see if you want to pick some up from her. I asked her to bring some of the black worms to our monthly meeting if any of you want to pick some up on Friday. See the monthly meeting notice.

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Jurassic Pets in Nothglenn also carries them for $2 a tbsp. If you need a lot you can order them through Ron and probably get a discount. I only had a few live food eaters so 2 tbsp lasted me months as I changed my water every other day and poured off the dead ones.

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