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I know I was told it wouldn't work, but I was too stubborn and wanted HC REALLY bad in my tank. I only tried a couple pots of HC, separated in very tiny clumps, in Eco-Complete (I'm aware I should have used sand)....with 2 clown loaches. I thought my loaches are such sweeties....they would never wreck their home that I've provided for them.

But now that I'm having to replant little pieces of HC about 3-4 times a day, I'm starting to give up. And it's only been a week!

It's time to face the music and start looking at other options. I'm just glad I didn't go all out and get several pots of the stuff.

Will I be able to carpet my tank with anything?!?! I have high light. I will be adding CO2 in a week or two. 55 gal. I have dwarf hair grass in the corners and they are doing well, but they look too tall to create a "carpet." Would glosso work, maybe?
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