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Ground Cover plant suggestion?

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Hey all,

I have a 55 gallon with pretty good lighting, 220 watts, and ada soil. Any suggestions for a good spreading groundcover plant that doesnt demand a lot of CO2?
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I've said it before and I'll keep saying it - Marselia spp.

I've never tried glosso, HC, or other fast-spreading foregrounds but I've been so happy with the Marselia that I have no need to. so far for me it has proven to be a long-term solution to the foreground problem.

I think there are pics of it in my tank link below.
micro sword
Lilaeopsis macloviana. Probably the hardiest of the "fine-leaved" grasses, from what I understand. It grows a little taller than other lilaeopsis spp., but it can be trimmed quite easily. It grows very quick, even when I had it in a temporary, 5g low-light/no-CO2 tank. Needless to say it is taking OFF in my high-light 10g tank!
I personally like glosso and marselia minuta. Glosso isn't overly demanding IME and it grows a nice, thick carpet pretty much anywhere you let it. You'll just have to rip it up every 2 months or so and replant from scratch as it will keep growing over itself and older plantlets will die from lack of light.
marselia is very similar in appearence, but leaves are slightly larger and more erect. It's also a nice carpet forming plant and doesn't require are much maintence, mainly b/c it doesn't grow nearly as fast. The downside is that you'll have to wait longer to get that nice carpet effect.
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