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Ground cover + gravel vacuum = ?

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I am going to be carpeting my 75g with some Marselia Minuta and was wondering how I should og about using the gravel vac since I have 4 predators in my tank, which produce A LOT of waste that finds its way to the floor. Will these plants use the poop at fertilizer? Should I just go around it?

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no the plants bareley use poop as fertilizer
With MM, you can just put the vac over small clumps of the plant, it should pull all the crap up ok, without disturbing the plant. Just do a surface vac, if you go deep, you will loose the plants. the deeper poop will eventually break down, and be used by the plant.
Hover over the plants until they are rooted, then you can gently touch them to loosen the debris.
Fish waste decomposes into fertilizer for the plants, but with larger fish it is unsightly, and takes a while to decompose.
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