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grindal vs. white worms?

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Hi, I have read a bunch of stuff regarding live food for my aquarium (cardinals and a whack of RCS) I am trying daphnia magna out for the second time, I seem to have bad luck with them, but assuming they don't work out I was thinking of either white or grindal worms. From what I have read they seem similar only that the grindals are smaller (i think) Would the grindals since they are smaller be better suited to my cardinals? would my shrimp eat them too?

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I have a thread on Daphnia Magna in the inverts Forum.

I've never had any luck with white worms. They thrive in the winter (cooler temps) but struggles in the summers. I hear grindals are super easy.
Are white worms too big for cardinal tetras? I am thinking of getting a dwarf gourami or 2 as well, so if the white worms are not too big for the cardinals then I will likely try them.
White worms should be fine for 1+ inch fish.
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