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griggs style reactor on c530?

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My wife and I are thinking of changing the look again in our 75 because the tan sand we have isn't "hitting the spot" for us lol. I'm also not happy with the flow in there either. Currently have 1 c530 and a mj1200 which is used for co2 distribution. We looked back at the bdbs tank I had and decided we want to go back to that look. I think when I do that I'm going to add 1 more of my c530's on like I used to run it before I met her. I've got some left over 4" pipe from a diy canister I made years ago and thinking of using it to make 1 or 2 grigg's style reactor/s.

So now the question, when I built my stand I gave myself 29" of clearance so I'll have to keep the height to that max because the reactor/s will have to be below the stand. I'm thinking due to that I'll have to do 2 and add one of my spare as2200's to my regulator to feed it. I'm sure I'm answering my own question here with the previous comments but, do you think 2 separate reactors would be the way to go or have both filters feed into one and then split back off to feed a u shaped spray bar? The way I built the bar before was both sides feed down, the front feeds down and also across the top. The ones going across the top were drilled about 6" apart to get a decent ripple with the rest of the holes about 2" apart. Intakes were centered on each half of the tank. I do have a 620 gph pump I can use to keep the reactor separate but would prefer to use the c530's as the pump I use to do water changes with. Any thoughts are appreciated :smile2:.

My basic thought on the reactor is this...
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