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Hello fellow Mississippians!

This board has been a wealth of information so far. Maybe I can contribute eventually!

I love to catch fish and have enjoyed keeping aquariums in the past, but with changes that marriage/children bring had to give the hobby up. Here we are a few years later and I'm picking it back up.

My new addition: a new 4 month old 60 gallon. Driftwood(local creek), rocks(from the local garden shop), black sand, jungle val, dwarf sag, some clippings of Anubis, melon swords, rosette's starting to shape up decently.

Currently have a very active school of 8 sterbai cory cats, and a relatively tight harlequin rasbora school (16).

In a few more weeks, with additional plant growth, I'm looking to add a centerpiece fish or two or three etc....

Well anyhow, good to be on board and look forward to discussion.
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Welcome to the forum, Coach, though there isn't a lot of action on the Mississippi board. When you say you "love to catch fish", exactly how do you mean? Do you collect native fish with a net or fish with a hook and bait? Also, in what I part of the state are you located? I'm looking for fellow native fish keepers to get together with and do some native fish and plant collecting this year, and it's getting time for it. (Have sein, will travel!)

There are many helpful and knowledgeable folks in the general forums here and advice is freely given.

Hey. I'm from the Hattiesburg area.

I was referring to rod and reel but I have seined many of times while using live bait for catfishing.

I'm always interested in a trip to the local creek. I do a lot of kayak fishing(rod and reel) as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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