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I'm excited to become part of the planted tank community. I am a budding fish enthusiast, learning more and more about fish keeping every day. I currently have 3 tanks, and my boyfriend has one. I managed to get him into the hobby!

My tanks are:

a 33 gallon, planted tank, with amazon swords and wisteria. Inhabitants: 6 corydoras (2 albino, 1 bronze and 3 pepper), 3 lampeye tetras, 3 silver danios, and 5 silvertipped tetras, as well as 3 of my baby bristlenose plecos, and 3 nerite snails.

a 10 gallon breeding tank for bristlenose plecos, with 3 adults, and many, many babies ready for new homes.

a 2.5 gallon tank, with a plant in it that I can't remember the name of, cycled and waiting for when I choose a new betta.

My boyfriend's 10 gallon is a budding cherry shrimp tank with christmas moss.

I hope to learn lots on this forum, as I am looking to overhaul my 33 gallon, to make it even more plant friendly. I also want to get into breeding more interesting, and rare fish, as well as expand my pleco breeding hobby.

Open to advice, and input! Thanks!!
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