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Greetings from Utah

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Russ; previous forum stalker turned active contributor! About a year ago I purchased a Fluval Edge 6 (gallon) for my daughter and, using advice/knowledge from this community, had great success and fun. We also tried our hand at saltwater, but let's not talk about that... Suffice to say, I am now using my Innovative Marine 20 gallon (long) NUVO Fusion tank for a community/planted tank (see my Tank Journal link below). While originally from Texas, I currently reside in Utah (Air Force). When I'm not mountain biking or snowboarding in my free time, I like to hunch over my tank and enjoy our little piece of nature (and worry about what biological sabotage is underway). Looking forward to becoming an active member of this awesome little community.

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Welcome welcome and nice piece of wood!
From Utah also - nice Manzanita branch!
Thanks for the welcome! And yeah, that Manzanita branch is the best $20 I've ever spent on a stick. :| haha
Welcome to TPT!
What type of lighting you use?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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