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Hi people,

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself.
My real name is Rob. My wife and me have 2 beautifull girls of 1 and 3.
I live in the Netherlands so apologies if I make typos :confused1:

I own an 150 liter Cayman Scenic aquarium since 2009.
When I started it, it looked like this:

I was pretty much a n00b back then and started to get loads of algae, because I left the lights on too long and didn't feed the plants at all and did very little waterchanges.

Since then my tank has gone to many transformation which you can see below. After a while my sand started to rott and I changed it with black gravel.

When my second daughter was born I started neglecting my tank too much, so I just started again and hope to be doing it right this time.

Nowadays I'm using the EI method and it seems to be working.
The last picture is my actual tank.

Current situation, just restarted:

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