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Greetings from SoCal

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Hello everyone, I'm here finally posting after week or so wandering through this awesome encyclopedia that is this forum.

A little about me and my goals.
I'm a security supervisor at a city department in San Diego, I got married two November's ago and since then I was away from the Hobbie. Now I'm getting back in to this and also getting serious about it, and even that I'm not new to the idea of planted aquariums and aquascaping, I am new to it because I had the idea of doing it but I never actually did it.

A little about my setup.
I have a 30g tank with a Marineland penguin 200 filter and some clay based substrate that I don't remember how is called.

My goal is to finally have my planted tank and enrich my knowledge of the Hobbie with you guys and probably share my little knowledge with whoever needs it.

I'll see you around and thank you for reading!

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Hi! Welcome to the Planted Tank! I'm in SoCal too. Glad to "meet" you!
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