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greenwater crashing

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there was/is a handbook available on this site for $16 or something.
the preview mentioned that greenwater can solve itself, just ignore it and the problem will go away.

does anyone know what's going on here that causes a greenwater culture to crash ?

does their waste reach toxic levels ?, do they overconsume the nutrients in the water column till they starve ?

does anyone know what's going on ?
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we learn new things over time.
revisiting this particular thread, ...

nutrient levels to maintain greenwater are going to be at level drastically higher than most any tank anyone in the hobby has ever kept.

so far the only idea i have to maintain such levels is a dense, near packed substrate.

from a small 6' fish bowl this is what i learned
-greenwater with about 1/2" - 1/4" visibility.
100% water change, ... the substrate in the bottom wouldn't budge
... took 2-3 weeks to get greenwater that thick again, ... started at about 1' visibility, within a week it wasn't looking healthy and i thought i was going to loose it.

to maintain greenwater indefinitely, requires nutrient levels that are unheard of by hobbiests. ... i'm going to side with that.

that little fishbowl has never had any fish, never gets water changes otherwise, never add anything to the fishbowl either.
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