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Hey everyone, I've been wanting to start a planted 75 gal and I keep having problems with green water. I did the whole thing, 15-25% water changes every other day, less feedings, gravel vac. my ammonia is still at 0.25 (has been for a while no matter what I do) and my nitrates are at 5ppm, my nitrite is at 0ppm and my ph is around 7.2 if that matters. My temp is at around 75f and my filter is a aquaclear 500.

The tank I bought came with 5 fish and a peruvian apple snail ( giant snail ).

My tank has been like this for almost 2 months now! My sand is as clean as it can be, there's no dead fish, I havent been disturbing the cycle too much, the only thing I can think of being weird is how low my nitrates are.

If anyone has some extra tips I'd love to hear it, I heard there's a product that clears "all kinds of clouding" but I doubt it actually fixes the problem.
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