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Green Water Algae

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My planted 20 gallon tank has been established for about 6 months now. I run pressurized CO2, fertilize regularly and have 48 watts of T5HO lighting. I have a HOB filter with standard filter media and purigen.

Lushly planted tank is thriving, as are fish.

About three months in I had an attack of green water algae. At that time I used Diana Walstad's advice (Ecology of the Planted Aquarium) to use charcoal, introduce water lettuce and decrease the use of full spectrum lighting, her theory being that iron is the limiting factor. This cleared it right up overnight.

Three months later I am using a similar strategy this time but am not seeing my green water problem clear up as quickly. The planted tank guide on this site suggests that I do nothing and that the algae will eventually "burn itself out" in a week or two.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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