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Green Terror!!

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Okay, so my mom had a single african (peacock?) cichlid who is kind of a bully, so its the only one there. (Her tank is a 40 gallon tall, or something like that.) She decided to get a green terror (she knows nothing about cichlids, so I don't know why she got it.) I went to her house the other day, and the poor green terror (who is only about 2 and a half inches right now) was all beat up and the poor thing was hiding from her other cichlid. Fins were torn, scales were missing, he(she?) could barely swim straight, I felt so bad. So I took him (with her permission) and put him in my empty running ten gallon. (before you say anything, YES I know these guys get big, and NO I do not plan on keeping him in there. Its just temporary until he heals up and gets a tad bigger/or when I get my 55 gallon in about a month, which ever way this goes.) Well, I've had him for about 3 days now, and he's doing alright. He's a lot more active, not hiding often and is healing quite nicely. I wanted to know, is there anything I should be doing special to house this guy (other than a new tank, which is coming soon anyways with or without him)? What am I supposed to be feeding him, and all that jazz. This is my first cichlid ever, and I rescued him before I even had a chance to do research on the breed :mad:

Thank you.
And please please don't lecture me about tank size. .. trust me, I know these guys get pretty large, he will be getting in a bigger tank one way or another in a few short weeks.
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looking at picyures, I believe its a blue acara... Im not sure :( There is no orange, and it looks like but a lot smaller (again, about 2.5-3 inches... still young.)
green terrors when they are smaller look much the same as the blue acara when they are young, as they mature they get a longer slimmer body. also the face will develop differently. these guys are mostly solitary fish but can be housed with other fish IF there is ALOT of hiding space, they are diggers and will not like plants, they will eat/rip/destroy any plant you want to put in there. the only plant you may have success with is anubius that is tied to a chunk of wood ect. they will need at least 70gallons full grown.

it will take probably 5-8 years to get full grown (based on water quality/space) they are wonderful fish and a pleasure to watch. we love our cichlids and would never get rid of them!

here is a couple links you might find useful :)

enjoy your new fish!

btw dont feel bad, we had a piranha that almost lost her tail and due to the lack of tank situation she had to live in a bucket rigged with a filter and heater for 2 months till her tail healed completly. one thing we learnt was never put a weak fish into a piranha tank. they know it... she wasnt happy but it was the only way to treat her. the way i looked at it was its better then a dead fish. she is happy and healty living in her 140 gallon home with her 4 boys lol
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