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Green Spots!

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I seam to be having an outbreak of green spot algae in a couple of my tanks. No matter how hard I scrub, I can not get them off. I heard that GSA is actually just algae that grows on these little diatoms and that its the diatom itself that is hard to get off. Does anyone know a very inexpensive or easy way to get rid of them. I am sorta low on cash right now, so getting a fancy filter or some sort of dosing solution is sorta out of the question right now. Is there a thing to do with lighting or waterchanges that can help?

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If it is on your plants than there is no way to scrub it off unless you actualy prune out the affected leafs. If its on your tank glass, I've read some people have good results using an old credit card or a razor blade. Personally I use a kent pro scraper with metal blade (not recommended for acrylic tanks) - add a little elbow grease to that and you should be able to take that sucker down!

However in the long run you will need to remedy the root cause of GSA which is associated with high light and low phosphates.

If i subdue the lighting, should that work, like with floating plants? Also, how should I balance out the phosphates?
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Increase phosphate levels by adding monobasic potassium phosphate or fleet enema solution. Aim for a level of 2 ppm. Check CO2 levels. Can be scraped off the glass using a razor blade or a good magnetic glass scraper. Between 9 and 10 hours is plenty of lighting time for the plants. If it is more then reducing it may help
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