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I have always had Green Spot Algae but I have recently gotten some hair algae. I am thinking of doing a lights out for 3 days and then adding 5mls of excel in those 3 as well. Will this work to get rid of most of the algae?

My Green Spot Algae has been around since 3 weeks in to the tank. I haven't done much besides wiping the glass and trying to scrape it off of the rocks.

My nitrates the max ever has been 35 before I do a water change so its not like its an insane amount. Oh and if I don't add ferts I could get away with 3-4 weeks on doing a water change.

Sort of puzzled on why the algae grows on the rocks so fast. Do you guys have any ideas on how to get rid of most of it? I want some on the rocks but not the rocks fully covered.

Oh and I have some brown algae on some of my Ludwigia leaves. Its the older leaves that have it but none of the new ones seem to get it. When I say older leaves I mean the ones that came on it when I first got it. I have cut most of them off. But I am worried since some of the stems I cut near the wounds sometimes the brown algae grows around it. Should I be worried or will it go away soon?


Edit: Getting some neons this week so that is why I am worried about this finally. D: Oh and the hair algae isn't that bad it just started.
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