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Green Neon Tetra ( Paracheirodon Simulans )

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Anybody else keep these fish currently? And if you do could you perhaps share a photo?
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Thanks. I cant seem to get any of mine to stay still for a second. Not to mention having to use a Macro lens to get the shot, they are so small.
What did you do with them Nick?

I got tired of them and sold them off. They didn't school too well for me in my small 40breeder. Had 20 of them... swam all over the place most the time.
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I have about 75 in a 20 long and they are schooling just fine.
I have about 75 in a 20 long and they are schooling just fine.
haha They def school better than some others but nothing like a nice school of rummies. :hihi:
From what I can tell they only school when in panic mode. Otherwise its every fish for itself. I can see if you had these in a tank with other larger fish and they would keep tight. In a tank where they dominate its not going to happen.
I've got 50 in a tank by themselves and they school all over the tank.
my buds got about 20 gnt's with a school of 10 roseline sharks in a 90 and both school beautifully!
I have about 40 in a tank and they are all overt the place. Only when they are spooked do they tighten up. By themselves I cant see it happening. If anybody has a photo or video of them in a tank "by them selves" please do share:)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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