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Green Hygro

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Im not sure the true name of this plant but it looks like the sunset hygro but much darker green. Also its leaves are a bit thinner.

Well anyway does anyone still keep these plants? I've been looking everywhere but no where to be found. I know they became illegal but I live in new york. They shouldn't be illegal here. I use to grow so much of it several years ago and is my favorite plant. So I appericate any help
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You're probably talking about the regular hygrophilia polysperma.. 'Sunset' is a mutation of the regular polysperma. Yes, they are illegal to sell pretty much everywhere because it's a weed and will take over an environment. But you can get them online. Check out the shop & swap section section.
Yeah i've been checking forever. So far no luck
I have Giant Hygro and Willow Leaf (augustifolia) Hygro. Very nice plants, grows fast and large!
i had alot , and sold it all coouple weeks before.
They seem illegal everywhere, But not much they could do about it
Win tropical? Never heard of it before. Alrighty I'll try. Do you know if they also have dwarf puffers by anychance?
No. Its a small shop on the outskirts of Chinatown. Mostly cichlids and tetras and goldfish. Great prices though. Cardinals are $ .75.
Plants in stock are a crapshoot. He does have green Hygro in his stock tanks. Maybe you can convince him to sell you one or give you one with a purchase.
He also usually has a ton of Cherry shrimp on hand @ $1.50 per. Amanos also

Also try new world aquarium on 38th & 3rd, I think. They do carry Hygros from time to time. Was told by them they get plant shipments every other week.
I saw Dwarf puffers in there like 1m 23days ago.
yea the plants are Crap.
whens the next time ur gonna have some of those plants for sale? and can u get a pic of it cuz i know theres too many strains.
Nah thats not it. And neither is this one

But more like these


These were once so common. But now its so hard to find. I know its not illegeal in NY so if anyone could sell me some I would like some.
gotcha.. it's just regular polysperma.... Sunset is just a strain of polyserma. If you grow it in in lower lights, it'll be green and small.

I have sunset that I throw away every week. They do grow like weeds.
Yea...I agree with mistergreen. Just from reading your intital post, thats what I was suspecting. And it on the noxious weed list like you had originally stated.

Hygrophila polysperma
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