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I'm looking for a brief education on green hedge. My LFS has been selling it. I put some in my 20G long and while it has not grown, it has not died either and looks pretty good still after a few months.

I put some in my 5 gal Fluval spec v single betta tank for the same few months (std fluval spec v light) and the very bottom leaves seem to eventually fade to white and almost dissolve, the bottom of the stems seem to rot however in this tank it actually grew a few inches and bushed a little. I had to cut it back due to the lower stems and lower leaf issues.

I was recently told by an employee at the LFS it is not a true aquatic plant. So here's the questions:

1. What is genus/species for this plant?

2. Why do LFS sell them if they aren't aquatic, are they cheaper because they can get them at a garden shop or something? Or are they for terrariums or something? (my LFS has them fully submerged with other aquatic plants)

3. Can these be floaters? They don't really seem to root.
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