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I'm back again, with more shrimp troubles. :(

Today I noticed a green fuzz on the rostrum of one of my big amano girls. I've done some reading on shrimp diseases and parasites, I know vorticella and scutariella tend to appear on the facial area, but both seem to be white from the pictures I've seen. On the other hand, epibionts are green but seem to be on the underside of the shrimp. What my girl has appears to be a green fuzz on the rostrum, and I'm afraid to treat for anything without a second or third opinion, as I don't want to misidentify it and I don't have any firsthand experience with such things, I've only read about them.

This is my "future" mixed caridina tank (if I can ever stop having problems), currently home to four oebt and seven amano, as well as some hitchhiker snails. Heavily planted, using fluval stratum, currently not dosing ferts or anything else. RODI water. 6 GH, 0 KH, ~6 PH, 200 TDS. Unheated, sitting around 70 F most of the time. We had some hydra in there from new plants but treated with a round of No Planaria ten days ago with great success, no casualties and no more hydra since. Shrimp all seem active and healthy, I've seen successful molts and such in the past weeks. I have been dealing with some algae, green spot and staghorn I believe. Lights are now on a timer and it seems to be helping.

Pictures of the "green fuzz" on my girl (imgur - please let me know if they don't work, I'm still new to using imgur):
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