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Hey, here are my tank specs:

My shrimps aquarium

10G freshwater
2 6400K 9w FC bulbs in clip on light fixture
Fluval stratum substrate
Aquaclear 20 HOB
Elite radiant 50w heater keeping the water around 23C (77F)
Was using a sponge filter attached to a air pump but removed it
Cleaned 1 per week, 20 to 40% changed because of the algae...

-12 cherry red shrimps, probably all females
-Ridiculous amount of Malasian trumpet snails

-Java ferns
-Java moss
-Unknown Vals
-Water sprites

In 200ml of water, dose in the aquarium 5ml x 2times/week
15 gr KNO3 -> 6.07 ppm of N
8.2 gr KH2PO4 -> 3.78 ppm of P2O5
K2O 5.38 ppm (when adding KNO3 and KH2PO4)
1/8 tea spoon Seachem Equilibrium x 1 times a week, after water change

1ml of Excel/per day, in the morming

(Ferst calculator used is this one and the levels I want to reach I took from here


Now that its out of the way, I am having this problem with green algae growing like tiny green/greyish hairs everywhere on the plants, decorations, equipments and glass.

I started this tank couple months ago, first I was waiting for the plants that I had ordered but it took over a month to get them. So my tank was running with nothing. I turned off the lights and kept them turned off when I saw these algae appearing in my empty tank.
When I finally put the plants in I had big diatom algae problem. A week after putting my 12 red cherry shrimps in there I didn't have diatoms anymore but the other green fuzz is still there!

Am I using a back type of bulb or are they badly placed? I see that the place where the light doesn't touch my plants are clean of algae.

Also, when I added a sponge filter attached to a air pump, since I read that shrimps liked to graze on it, the out tube was covered in white gunk and was creating whitish goop. So I took it out.

Now I clean my tank once or twice a week, when the algae level is getting ridiculous.

The shrimps don't seem bothered by it since they are active, eat well and are crazy red. Tho I had 2 that were berried and now I don't see them with their eggs anymore.

If you cannot see the pictures here you can go in my album, I loaded them there. You can see that on the things I don't brush as often the fuzz is longer, on the window its thick and tiny, also you can see that the snails went through it without that much effect.

So, what should I do? If i take down the tank and clean everything, will I have to throw away my new plants? The new substrate? Is there a problem with my fertilizing regime?

If you guys have spare time, can you identify the ''worms'' in my tank to? Its in my album. Of course, it this tank, i couldn't have just one problem, I had to have them all!

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hey man, I'm new to this website, but I've been on the fish keeping for quite a while and I could tell you from my experiences a little bit about algae. The only problem I see with you tank is that you are adding a lot of fertilizers, I have a 55 gallon and I used to add seachem Line of ferlitilers twice a week and man, I had this red cotton like algea, I stop adding the ferts immediately, and only keep adding co2 since high amounts of co2 could kill algea, becaurful though that too much co2 could poisin your animals, I I also started adding api algea killer and did frequent water changes of 50%. And I also scrubbed as most of the algea as possbile from the aquarium, and took out some of the ornaments out to clean them, after two weeks I was finally able to see the algea dying. So could try that, I mean you tank doesn't really need that much fert since its very small, hope that helps, and lets us know the results
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