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Thinking about getting for a 10g.
This tank started as a Sparkling gourami fry grow out tank. Just using a desk lamp with a plant bulb for now.. (a place for my expanding gourami group was priority).. and it has a bunch of hornwort, some anubias.. 2 amazons.. bacopa.. maybe a crypt. Basically some plants that I no longer have room for in my main tank (which is a 20g long).
Not looking to spend a lot on this tank.. but if I could get ok light, I would work more on the plants in it.
Can put co2 on it.
Wanted to get the Odyssea dual T5HO but the one on Amazon right now (which is where I prefer to buy because I've got some other stuff to get) has the new flip up brackets and I have a glass canopy on this tank I need to work with.
Unless someone can suggest how to use this one WITH a glass canopy..


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