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green/brown algae id?

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Can anyone id this green/brown growth on my substrate/plants?
Basically I did dsm for around 3 months and this is my 3rd week after filling it with water. When I first filled the tank, I noticed this stuff was on my substrate but didn't think much of it. After a week or two it started to cover the plants (hc cuba).


the tank is a 5g and i cycled it after filling with water. previously i was using ei dosing and co2 but i've cut back on ferts for now.

is this just another type of algae that will go away if i adjust light/nutrient levels?
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I'm not sure if I would b so quick to say diatoms, though there is a large amount of BGA that I can see.
"Erythromycin – use antibiotics at half dosage to kill the bacteria. Mardel Labs’ Maracyn contains erythromycin and has been used effectively without harming most plants."
One step at a time.
This worked for me but tried the full blackout treatement first and it came back so knew I needed to remove problem before using this and it came from here.
The stuff with the bubbles, if it lifts off easy when disturbed, is BGA. I've read many DSM's with that popping up. The rest (brown stuff near front glass) looks like diatoms which will go away.

BGA also makes the tank have a really bad smell, like a swamp.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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