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green algae

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Hi all 20 gallon tank with neon tettas and nerite snails. Lights on 8hrs 2 26 watt cfls starting to get green hair like algae on my micro sword and some on my wisteria. I am wanting to add some shrimp also. my question is will the shrimp take care of the algae problem (ghost shrimp)?
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Depends on the type of algae, but most likely not. Ghost shrimp are better with detritus (muck and leftover fishfood). Amano shrimp can help, but they are no match for an algae explosion. Some hair algae can be kept under control by manual removal.
so my new question would be I am adding diy co2 tomorrow into my hob filter. I have been adding 1.7ml of excel weekly. (was this enough?) Should I stop the excel? I have read about using excel to help with algae problems and should I shorten the time my lights are on 8hrs ? And should I a powerhead to help with water movement currently the only movement is from the filter (back left corner) seems the right side of the tank is very still no plant movement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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