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sure it will...

I have a 50 gallon Oceanic "breeder" tank with 75 watts (1.5 wpg) of T8 daylight bulbs and can grow just about anything.

just getting used to new camera so it is a bit overexposed

I see you are dosing with Flourish which is good for your micro nutrients. What are you dosing for your macros (NPK)? I would recommend you increase your macros and micros to twice, maybe three times a week and make sure you are doing at least a 50% water change every week. Do you have a two bottle set up for up for your diy CO2? If not you are probably having issues with fluctuating CO2 levels. Get a second bottle and change one each week to ensure consistent (as much as possible w/o pressurized) CO2 levels. How are you distributing the CO2? I think the easiest way is to run your CO2 line into the intake of a small powerhead. Do you have enough plants in there? Post some pics of your cube so we can see what is going on. Good luck.

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