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Greater Portland Aquarium Society (GPAS); Aug 16th; Chuck Rambo

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Please Join us Thursday August 16th at 7 PM when Chuck Rambo presents:

"Lake Victoria Has Cichlids"

Chuck has been keeping aquarium fish for almost 45 years. His interest in cichlids started almost right away. He started with Central and South America cichlids and then jumped right in with rift lake cichlids as soon as they became available. When Lane Victorian cichlids came into the hobby he was one of the first to start to breed them and spread them around. Eventually his interest spread to helping others and he became involved with his local cichlid club, (Pacific Coast Cichlid Association) and then with the national club (American Cichlid Association). Chuck and his wife Carol went to lake Tanganyika in 2002 and then to Lake Malawi in 2003 to see rift lake cichlids in their natural habitat. Chucks presentation will cover the endangered Lake Victoria cichlids and the current situation there.

GPAS Generally* meets at 7:00 on the 3rd Thursday of each month at:

Greater Portland Aquarium Society (GPAS)
Clackamas Community Center
15711 SE 90th Ave,
Clackamas Or 97015
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Is GPAS still going?

Are there any other active clubs or forums in Oregon?
Greentech, hello neighbor. Their are some NW freshwater pages on Facebook. Monsterfishkeepers also has a local section in the buy,sell or trade category.
Sorry I brought up an out dated post. I tried their website and couldn't connect. I thought someone might know if there is still a group around.
I didn't think of Facebook. I'll look there. Thanks
Greater Portland Aquarium Society is still around, has 20-30 active members last I heard a few weeks ago.
Hi Greentech,

Yes, the Greater Portland Aquarium Society. Their website is being re-constructed however their Facebook page is a good way to find out what is going on. It is a group page so you will have to ask to 'join'!
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