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Many of you may know this already, but I found a great way to get fish to eat medication. After losing some gourami to Hexamita, I was frustrated in medicating the tank. The remaining fish refused any medication saturated food, so I was stuck.

Here's the formula. In a small bowl, place about 5-8 ml. of garlic liquid.(I use Garlic Guard). Add 1/2 measure spoon of Metroplex and 1/2 measure spoon of focus. Mix until all is dissolved. Add several pinches of flaked fish food. Swirl around, not breaking up the flakes. Allow to soak for 15 minutes. Use a small spoon to feed the fish. The flakes are soaked, and they tend to fall to the bottom quickly, so I feed them small amounts at a time. They go crazy for the medicated food! Boy, are they healthy now.

All the items mentioned above are by Seachem, except for the food flakes, which are Tetra. Good luck! :wink2:
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