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I had inquired about this set up before and planned on picking them up before the auction, but things didn't work out with the meeting arrangements. I'm really glad now because things are getting juggled around here and I really don't have a place or a need for them now. However, I thought it was too good a deal not to pass along to my CAS buddies (especially since you're closer to her than I am!). PM me for her email address and phone if you are interested. She will sell them elsewhere if no one wants them here.

Quote from the email: "The fish tanks are in good condition. There are two 50 gal tanks sold as a set because they come with a stand that hold on tank on top and one on the bottom. They have the filters, pumps and I'm really not sure what else they have since I posted this ad for my mom. The price is $100.00 for the complete set."

Hope this might help someone who went crazy with too many new fish at the auction!
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