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I have goten conflicting info on this subject. I have heard it will be fine from the LFS that sold it to me. I have also heard not to use it. I know it needs to soak for about 1 month so it will sink. but whats the scoop? Is it going to be ok in my tank? I wouldent think the LFS would sell it if it wasnt ok.

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I have some in one of my tanks I weighted it down to hold it under. after a few weeks it got some strange white algae which I manually removed. It went away after a few months.
Grapewood will rot eventually though-larger pieces shouldn't be a problem for a long time.
I wouldn't purposely choose this wood though for those reasons. Some kind of rootwood is my preferred choice.
This should cover everything.

This topic comes up every now and then...

I feel like I've been here a while now, that was one of them first topics i started:eek5:

Fish Newb,
Do you have any pics of your tanks with the vine in it?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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