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I have a dead grapevine on my property and am looking for some input on using it as a piece of decor and a functional tannin production method in my nine-gallon beta tank with an amazon sword, two moss balls and some carpeting plant I don't know the name of. Temperature is 24C and chemicals are normal. Has anyone used grapevine wood before?

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Welcome to the forum. Here's a beginner tip: Use the search function here on the forum. You'll find quite a few threads about this particular topic with discussions that are helpful.

That said, it's hit-or-miss whether or not it will rot in your tank and can take a long time to become waterlogged. There are several other issues people have run into in the past (like weird molds) but they all seem to be rare. I'd be more concerned about whether it's completely dried out and sun-cured and would want to make sure it hasn't been treated with pesticide in the past. If that's not an issue and it's dried out, cleaned and no bark remains? It may work well for you.
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