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Grandville plant swap/giveaway

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I think this coming Saturday 3/15 (pending weather) I am going to be heading down towards Bluefish Aquarium in Grandville, MI. I have an unheated 10 gallon full of plants that I need to get rid of as they are only getting window light and no ferts. I got an order of plants in last night and was given way more than I expected so this prompted even more trimming. This includes mostly trimmings and plants I pulled to add in the new ones and whatever extra from my recent acquisition.

If you are interested we can set a time/place. So far one person has indicated that afternoon is best for him (after 1:00pm). I was thinking of meeting Bluefish Aquarium but I don't know their policy on this so maybe we should do it behind the building or somewhere else? If you have something to trade bring it, plants/shrimp I would be interested in. Otherwise you can throw me a few bucks if your feeling generous but I'm not asking for money just want the plants to go somewhere other than the trash. Some plants have been in this tank for a few weeks already so may not be in the greatest shape. No guarantees, may contain snails or algae.

I am not a plant expert but off the top of my head I will likely have:

Amazon Frogbit
Hydrocotyle sp Japan
Hygrophila (2 varieties)
Amazon sword (maybe a couple medium sized)
Ludwigia sp red (? it's red)

I think that's everything. I will split up in to some zip locks Friday night or Saturday morning. Bring your own bags and containers in case the plants need to be split up more between people.

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