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I really want to understand if Echinodorus Grandiflorus and Echinodorus Grandifolius are the same plants. But, in fact, it is "wrong" (I don' t know!!).

I only see Echinodorus Grandifolius in trade. I cannot find scientific knowladge. But I found and read a lot of Echinodorus Grandiflorus articles (Christel Kasselman).

What is the diffrance? Please someone tell me. I really appriciate.
And one last question: where can I find real "Echinodorus Grandiflorus Grandiflorus". The biggest echinodorus. I read some where it grows up to 6-7 feet.

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My bet is that it's a misspell. Like how in our plant database we have "Hygrophila difformis" and "Hygrophyla difformis." Both the same plant, the latter is just spelled wrong.
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