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grō soil tab & grō humate - Easy Topsoil Underlayer for Your Established Tank!

grō soil tab 18-pack - $17 shipped (TWO for $29 shipped)

The grō soil tab is a new concept in aquarium plant nutrition. With forest topsoil, red art clay and other natural ingredients, grō soil tabs provide plant mancronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium) and micronutirents (iron & many others). The high-volume tablet also conditions the aquarium substrate, infusing the gravel rooting area with humates and clay particles to promote plant nutrient uptake. Use the grō soil tab to replenish soil-based substrates or to enrich inert sands and gravels. Since it provides a steady nutrient supply for plant roots, the grō soil tab can simplify aquarium fertilization by reducing the need for frequent water column dosing.

In recent years aquascapers have been exploring the benefits of natural topsoil and observing excellent results with topsoil layered beneath other substrates. The grō soil tab offers the important advantage of easy use in already established tanks filled with water.

At the recommended spacing the grō soil tab 18-pack bag will treat a 12" x 24" or similar tank. Use multiple 18-packs for larger enclosures.

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grō humate 18-pack - $17 shipped (TWO for $29 shipped)

The grō humate tab is an easy-to-use substrate conditioner that includes sphagnum peat and other natural humic acid sources along with natural art clay. While it does not provide significant amounts of plant macronutrients, it slighly lowers pH in the substrate and make nutrients more available to plant roots. Use in combination with water column fertilization and/or substrate fertilization for best results.

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