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GPAS annual plant auction 2009

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The Greater Portland Aquarium Society will be holding its annual plant swap meet on Tuesday, April 28. Robert Hudson of Aquabotanic will be supplying many plants and acting as honorary auctioneer for the night, due to the high volume of auction items there will be no program other than the auction. Members and non-members are invited to bring as many as 20 plants or plant related items for auction. More details can be found at
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Here is a heads up on the plants I am bringing, donated by Florida aquatic nurseries and myself:

Hygrophila balsimica
Rotala nanjenshan
Ozelot green sword.
Red flame sword, submersed
LARGE submersed Red Rubin sword
Cryptocorye affinis
Cryp blassii LARGE, and I mean LARGE!
Limnophila aromatica (hippuroides)
Ludwigia cuba
Cryp pontederifolia
Cryp spiralis
Madagascar Lace plant LARGE
Crinum calamistratum
Cryp balansae large
Narrow java fern mat
moss balls
dwarf baby tears (HC) on rock
dwarf baby tears potted
Java moss on driftwood
Anubias nana narrow leaf on driftwood
Needle leaf java fern
Oriental sword MOTHER plant, (5" diameter pot)
Indian red sword
Tiger lotus
hygrophila corymbosa Kompakt
Nesaea GOLD
Lysimachia aurea GOLD
anubias nana petite
anubias minima
anubias congensis
and a few other odds and ends

I hope everyone will also bring a plant to add to the pot!
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