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Gourami's/African Chichlids

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Well, im only 16 and my dad FINALLY took me for a drive today.. havent driven on a month or two... getting my license in a month, assuming i pass woo!! :D. Anyhow, we stopped by my local petco just to look around at the fish they had (they got in a huge shipment of all sorts of ausome saltwater fish- 2 or 3 different kinds of blowfish and all sorts of stuff that they usually dont have) and i saw the gouramis and African Chichlids they had.. According to petco's compatability chart, You cant mix Gourami's and African Chiclids, but they have a wider variety of African's so i may just put those in my tank. I currently have a bunch of live plants and a few fish to cycle the tank (a few cheap platies and some silver fish??), 12 fish total. Since African's dont get along with them i will most likely move them in a month or two once the cycling is going well to my other tank (my old 29g or 35- dont remember) which i will move downstairs- it was replaced with my new 75g.. I was wondering if african's will do well with lots of plants? approximately half of the tank is planted (right side is planted like a forest) and the left side has an awesome rock formation i made.. they wont eat my plants, right? i know that S.A. chichlids will?.. Are African's tough fish? i dont want something thats extremely high maintenance thats why i like the smaller guppies, platties, etc.. theyre cheap and you dont go broke when you buy one or two.. but after realizing chichlids are only around 6 or 7$ on average, most in the 5-6$ area, i figure its worth a shot.. not exactly cheap but theyre ausome.. Any other fish that africans would live peacefully with?? guppies? platties? all help is appreciated thanks!
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oh and i know that lots of fish like to feed on RCS's and stuff- is it a good idea to put some shrimp in if i have africans or gourami's? what if they are larger shrimp? our petco has some (i believe its called) Bamboo shrimp or something like that which are pretty damn big! The things were like 2" or something.. :D! I saw them floating around on bamboo skimming the water for food.. really awesome.
oh- for those that want to know, here is my equipement:
Eheim 2217
Marineland Emperor 400 HOB filter- extra filtration :)
Aqueon 300w heater
Random name T5 high output light- two bulbs at 54W each.

Please note that there are lots of plants (around 20) plus some marimo balls in there, as well as some moss that i recently purchased which will be arriving soon. Thanks again!
if you have enough hiding places gouramis will not be able to eat all of the RCS
If you put gouramis and plants in with africans, save yourself some trouble and just throw the gouramis and palants into a paper shreder now. It will not work.
not at the same time dude i know theyll shread eachother.. its either/or. lol Either gouramis or africans..
Africans will very likely shred your plants, too. Either go for the gouramis, or move your plants to different tanks :)

A 75G african rift tank would be fun, if you like the look of rocks instead of plants!
See guys, Ýou are all so painfully closed minded. Lol. You can keep some types of africans with plants AND gouramis. Shell dwelling africans and dwarf gouramis will be fine together, no shrimp though, read up on lamprologus brevis and other related species. :)
Lol if his petco has shellies Ive been going to the wrong petco! lol :p
Haha. Hey the OP is a garden state native like myself, and I'm always selling fish :) just hit me up
OP?? anywho, when i was talking about buying the 75g around a month ago i calculated how far you are and its almost a 2 hour drive.. thats 4 hours back and forth to pick up fish- and to be honest, can they even survive the transit? can they just be shipped priority or something?
btw, i ended up getting that 75g. already have (most) of the plants in there.. i have some moss coming in, but the actual plants are in.. i ordered like 24 of them :( lol it was 24 for like 20.50.. plus some marimo balls.. just waiting on the moss to put some on my rock formation i set up on the left side of the tank.. so i have some plants just floating around for now until i finally get my 30g moved downstairs. Thinking of actually making it a saltwater tho.. always wanted to get into saltwater but its just too expensive.. so i might do a basic saltwater setup in the 30g to practice =o. Anyhow, let me know if you can ship them or have them brought closer to me?? I live in East brunswick.. its like.. central/northern NJ.. if not, any idea as to places nearby that may carry them?
See guys, Ýou are all so painfully closed minded. Lol. You can keep some types of africans with plants AND gouramis. Shell dwelling africans and dwarf gouramis will be fine together, no shrimp though, read up on lamprologus brevis and other related species. :)
After I made my post about cichlids shredding plants, I realized my avatar is one of my cichlids with a big amazon sword behind him. It's true some plants will make it with cichlids. It just depends on the type of cichlid and the type of plant. I've got the sword and a couple anubias in with my mbuna. The sword is slightly tattered, but shrug. They can enjoy eating it, honestly. I have no shortage of amazon swords.
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